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We have recently received the following information from Archery GB


 Archery GB nsurers are not now covering for the three sessions, they have changed this to one session.

 If one session is not long enough to assess an archer's competence and find out how  they will fit into the Club, then they should be directed to attend a Beginners Course.

  By attending this course they will be provided with the correct safety knowledge, techniques, general etiquette, basic ability to shoot, etc and their ability can be assessed on this course.  

When they have finished the course and they want to then join the Club then the Club

Committee follow their processes.

If the potential new member is also a member of Archery GB, but some of them

have not joined any club after completing a beginners course and when they

come to your club and the standard of tuition on courses is not always up to

the standard of the club, then they should again be directed to go on to one

of the Club's Beginners Courses.

With regard to a returning archer after several years out of the sport, this

is where the returning archer can be given the one off session under direct

supervision for assessment.  Again, if they do not meet the standards of the

Club, they should then also be directed to attend one of the Club's Beginners Courses.